Whether you are familiar with the works of Richard Strauss or not, it's safe to say that his music has rarely tasted so electric and full of life. From the very first notes you're met face to face with unabashed passion which dances and plays with your taste buds thanks to this classic and delicious drink. It's bright, summery, and very simple to make. A perfect fit for anyone interested in having a nice drink and experiencing the music of Strauss in a new way!

Total Time:

Gin Punch


-Large ice cube
-2oz of gin
-1/2oz simple syrup
-1oz lemon juice
-1.5oz orange juice
-Lemon rind


Optional simple syrup recipe

Combine equal parts by weight cane sugar and water in a beaker
For one drink an ounce of each will do

Gin Punch

Place a large ice cube in your glass (should be a large ice cube not small or crushed)

Add gin, simple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice into glass

Stir until combined and garnish with lemon rind

Pairing Notes

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