UNA at Home

Experience the magic of UNA from home

We've put together some of our favorite pairings for you to try at home. Here you'll find delicious food and fun drinks which have been paired with their musical soulmate. Not only do they bring out the best in each other but they also make for a fun outing to your kitchen!


Dvorak Chicken

This warm and comforting soup gives you a unique perspective into the folk-inspired music of Antonin Dvorak. Filled with the images of peaceful farmland and magnificent sunsets, it's a pairing to soothe the soul at the end of a long day.


Virtual Dinner Parties

Join us for live events brought directly to your dining table. Filled with creativity and exploration, you'll be able to experience UNA remotely and have some fun in the kitchen along the way! Come see what it's all about.

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